Shores Park

The Shores Property is a 5.3 acre parcel bounded by Camino del Mar, Ninth Street and Stratford Court. It was donated to the Del Mar Union School District in 1946 by the Kerckhoff Company and family with the stipulation that the land remain for educational and recreational purposes. The land is currently owned and zoned by the City of Del Mar as Public Facilities (PF).

WE NEED YOUR INPUT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE COMMUNITY WOULD LIKE TO SEE FOR THE FUTURE DEL MAR SHORES PARK. We would like the opportunity to send or bring to you a preliminary “vision” of what an incredible community asset Del Mar Shores Park can be, based on community conversations and input. Let us know what you think by e-mailing us.

Del Mar Shores Park
Del Mar Shores Park concept and design. Click image for larger view.

Where we are now:
The property is now owned free and clear by the City of Del Mar with no loan encumberances. We anticipate that the City will begin a community planning process during 2012 or 2013, at which time, all area residents will be invited to participate to create a community vision for the park.

Who is the Campaign for Del Mar Shores?
The Campaign for Del Mar Shores is a joint effort of the Friends of Del Mar Parks and The Winston School, and is supported by both the Del Mar Foundation and the City of Del Mar. Numerous Del Mar residents and Winston School parents are volunteers for this effort. The Campaign’s mission is to preserve and protect the old Del Mar Shores School site for recreation and open space, and as a permanent home for the Winston School. Through the acquisition of the Shores, the Campaign has ensured that the property will remain open for public enjoyment. The Campaign echoes previous successful community fundraising drives to acquire the beachfront Powerhouse Park, refurbish the historic Powerhouse building and acquire and convert the historic St. James church building into a community library.